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Ann Richards

Seated Tai Chi Group Leader

Having completed five years training in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation, Ann has been practising Mindfulness and Tai Chi since 1998, and teaching the integrated Mind-Body approach for well -being since 2005.

Ann's experience and insight through the practice of Mindful Movement has led her naturally to explore and study mindfulness practices,attending regular courses and retreats.

Ann has completed two years Mindfulness and Compassion Training with Rob Nairn at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland and now delivers Mindfulness for the public in Edinburgh.

She also delivers Training for organisations including Heriot Watt University, Deaf Action, Scottish Huntingtons Association, Mindfullybeing, Edinburgh Council and Eric Liddell Centre.

Ann is delighted to be Group Leader for seated Tai Chi, Meditation and Relaxation with Ecas.

She appreciates the warm welcome from the Tuesday group and is looking forward to exploring and experiencing the practices together.

Ann remains passionate about the integrated Mind-Body approach for well-being, Music and Theatre.


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