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We were happy to treat our Volunteer Befrienders to lunch out at The Fountain as part of our Befriending Volunteer Focus Group & Social Day in December 2017.
Volunteers Focus Group and Social Day at Dalkeith Country Park
Markus (left) and Gillian (right) enjoy having a good chat about anything and everything, including what they’ve been up to, current affairs and different countries around the world.
Anna, Pam, Sam, Miriam and Iona receiving their Befriending Volunteer Training Certificates in 2017.
Lunch buddies!
Donald (left) receiving his award at the 2014 Inspiring Volunteering Awards Ceremony.
Agnes (left) and Hannah (right) enjoy cups of tea and plenty of biscuits together! Agnes enjoys Hannah’s company and her assistance in getting out to the local shops.
Derek (right) appreciates Tomasz’ company greatly, having been housebound for a long time. Tomasz enjoys listening and learning from Derek’s local knowledge about Edinburgh.
Volunteers Focus Group and Social Day - We're on our way to the Seagull Centre at Ratho!
Khalid (left) and Carina (right) have a mutual love of football and often enjoy staying home to watch a good international game!  Today they are out at the National Museum.
Donald (left) and his befriendee Janet (right) on her 80th birthday.
Jenny (left) and Eddi (centre) collecting an award on behalf of all our Befrienders at the 2012 Volunteer Awards.
Volunteers Focus Group and Social Day at the Botanic Gardens.
We do our best to make sure our volunteer befrienders are well prepared and supported.  Here are Emily (left), John (centre) and Tomasz (right) at our induction training.
Sarah (left) and her befriendee Lorna (right).  They enjoy chatting over a cup of tea, and sometimes going out to the shops.